Yeh Tea

The concept of Yeh Tea began when our owner and founder Hsiu-Li Yeh started her company with tea and tea accessories after graduating as an engineer in industrial design from the TU Delft. She started selling Chinese loose tea and tea hearts. The more she explored the world of tea, the more fascinated she became.

Having been born in The Netherlands with Chinese heritage, traveling, discovering new things and meeting people of different cultures is in her blood. This later helped her in designing and illustrating all the products. The unique illustrations have been drawn personally by Hsiu-Li and have been inspired by her daily life.

For her, tea has to be pure, without artificial flavorings or color. That is the founding principle behind Yeh Tea. We work day and night to assess the quality and to sort specials teas to get that exclusive Yeh Tea experience.

~Yeh! Tea to dream away!~

With our brand Yeh Tea we represent unique tea in beautiful and practical packaging that will ensure you enjoy tea that is luxurious, yet affordable. We work together with the best tea plantations in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Africa, Kenya and Sri Lanka to guarantee the high quality or our range.

Try the unique tea from Yeh Tea yourself and share valuable moments with your loved ones while enjoying a cup of tea.

Enjoy with little sips!

Yeh Tea Team

Exclusive blends

Over 50 flavours

There are a lot of tea options which can make it difficult to make the right choice. With our Yeh Tea Flavour Intensity scale we made it easy for you to select a tea that fits your needs. Our collection has been carefully selected. From recognizable to unique tea kinds, from familiar to rare exotic flavours, we can offer you tea for every day or a special occasion.

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Together we can make the world a better place

We represent style and quality. As soon as you open our beautiful, stylish packaging the delicious scent of our tea meets you. Not only the quality of the tea is important, but also the quality of humans and animals. We work with Skal who, like us, put sustainability and quality first. This is how we can make the world a bit more beautiful. You can contribute by buying our sustainable products.

Check the Skal Biocontrole website here.


Tea to dream away!

Our mission is to give everyone a moment to daydream. While enjoying a cup of our tea, allow yourself to take a moment away from the daily bustle and stress. Let yourself be carries away and take your friends and family on a journey of memories, possibilities and continents. Relax together or get energized. We offer tea for every moment. Have a look and go explore our web shop!

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