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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility


As a tea studio, tea workshop and online Theeshop we strive for transparency in which sustainability is our starting point. For us, sustainability means using recyclable materials, minimizing our environmental impact, and improving the quality of life of humans and animals. For these reasons, we are affiliated with Skal Biocontrole

who, like us, see sustainability as the norm. The result is enjoyed by all the senses. Our packaging is refined and stylish, but has been made from recyclable materials or is easy to reuse. Our tea has a high quality, which you will taste and experience when using our tea (which can be brewed multiple times). Get inspired by our design solutions and initiatives.



Yeh Tea represents style and quality, but also a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that quality wins over quantity. This means being responsible throughout the supply chain and the people involved, locally and with each other as a team. Together we can make the future brighter.



We see the future positively if we consciously choose to care more about people and animals. We start with ourselves. We work as much as possible with companies within the Netherlands or in European countries. In addition, let’s try to get more power from plants – Plant Power! Check our Blog for inspiring vegetarian or vegan dishes. 

In this stressfull period we want to contribute. Do you know anyone working in healthcare that can use some special attention? Let us know. We will send them a surprise. Together we can turn the future into a party.