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Covid-19: Am I at risk of a virus on or in the package?

Your health and safety and that of our Yeh Tea team is our top priority. Yeh Tea follows the advice and guidelines of RIVM and the Dutch government. According to the RIVM, the chance of transferring by mail or parcels is very small. We do advise you to wash your hands regularly.


How do I make the perfect cup of tea?

That is different for everybody. We recommend that you experiment to find what is the perfect cup of tea for you! Its such a fun journey. You can start by trying making a cup of tea the way our owner and founder Hsiu-Li Yeh does. She is a Dutch-born Chinese woman. Growing up, they drunk tea all day. When she was young there weren’t even tea bags in the house. Her dad made tea in an old peanut butter jar. He put jasmine pearl in it in the morning and drunk tea from it all day, refilling the jar again and again with hot water. He didn’t measure the brewing time, he simply waited until the jasmine pearls were completely full of hot water resulting in the tea leaves sinking to the bottom. As soon as all the tea is at the bottom of your cup, your tea is ready.

This applies to Chinese green tea. However, nowadays we have tea from all over the world. On every packaging there is a clear illustration on how to best brew the tea.

Can you brew the tea with tap water?

Yes, you can. But if you brew the tea with water with less lime scale, the tea will taste more nuanced and refined. Give it a try!

Where does the tea come from?

Our owner Hsiu-Li Yeh visits the best tea plantations to find the most delicious tea. It all started with authentic Chinese tea. She wants everybody to get the chance to try delicious, real Chinese tea. But, nowadays the tea comes from more places than just China. Our range has grown to tea from countries such as Japan, Taiwan, India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Europe and even The Netherlands.

How fresh is the tea?

We receive a new shipment of tea every two weeks. As soon as the tea has been delivered we pack it into our Yeh Tea tins and bags within 48 hours. The tea stays fresh as long as possible due to our quality packaging.

How long can you keep the tea?

Each item has its expiration date listed.

How do I know which tea is best for me?

All our teas come with our clear ‘intensity scale’, so you can  easily pick the best flavor for you. We offer an exciting collection of different kinds of tea, from relaxing to energizing, from familiar flavors to exotic flavor explosions.


Are all Yeh Tea’s teas organic?

For us, tea has to be pure, without artificial flavorings or color. That is the founding principle behind Yeh Tea. Most of our teas are organic, but unfortunately for some teas this isn’t possible (yet). We work day and night to assess the quality and to sort specials teas to get that exclusive Yeh Tea experience.

Is tea healthier than coffee?

That depends on your definition of healthy. We can look at the caffeine contents. Just like coffee, tea has caffeine, otherwise known as theine. It has a slightly different component that caffeine, but the effect is the same. It has an invigorating effect. With tea, that effect is less strong. Besides cafeine, we can look at the fat content. Coffee beans contain certain fats that aren’t very healthy. It is difficult for your body to break down these fats. Tea doesn’t contain any fats. Based on these two specific points you could say that tea is healthier than coffee.


Is it sustainable?

Yeh Tea represents style and quality, but also a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that quality wins over quantity. This means being responsible throughout the supply chain and the people involved, locally and with each other as a team. Together we can make the future brighter.

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Where can you buy Yeh Tea?

Yeh Tea is verkrijgbaar bij onder andere de winkels: Gimsel – bio winkel en cosmetica in Rotterdam, Wah Nam Hong – de Chinese supermarkt in Den Haag, Leidschenhage en Rotterdam Markthal.  Ook kun je ons vinden bij de Sligro – door heel Nederland. Verder zijn we online 24/7 bereikbaar. Via onze webshop kun je de hele collectie zien en bestellen.

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Delivery to your doorstep

Can my order be directly delivered at a different address?

Yes it can! Make sure to input the correct delivery address in the payment process.

Can my order be giftwrapped?

Yes it can! Please indicate this in the “comment” section and we will make sure to make a gorgeous gift!

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