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Yeh Tea and Sustainable Design

The owner of Yeh Tea, Hsiu-Li Yeh is a highly acclaimed industrial design ingeneer from the Netherlands, with over 20 years of experience in Interior Design & Architecture. Originally in memory of her late father, she turned their shared passion and interest in design and Green tea into her personal life’s work with the mission to introduce everybody to the versatile and beautiful product: tea. Nowadays, the tea doesn’t just hail from China. Hsiu-Li finds beautiful teas from all over the world. Learn more about her and Yeh Tea in the “About Yeh Tea” section.

While developing the brand Yeh Tea and all the packaging, Hsiu-Li took into account sustainability. All tea come in sustainable packaging: kraft paper or a tin. The size and measurements of the packaging is also taken into account. In principle, the kraft paper tea bag or tine fits through the mailbox. This way, sending the product has the least impact on the environment.

Tin: Measurements – Diameter 8cm and height 2.5 cm. The size and weight of the tin has been designed so that the tea is easy to take with you and easy to use. The tin is gold, with a round stickers on the top and a colorful label on the side with information and illustrations. The lid can be closed airtight to optimally preserve the color and flavor. On the side as well you can find the preparation instructions, ingredients and company details.

Kraft paper bag: Measurements – Length 10 cm, Height 20 cm and width 3 cm. the bag is made from ecological, brown natronkraft and kraft paer. The front has a colorful label with the Yeh Tea logo and a description of the tea. The top of the bag is sealed with a heat strip, folded and secured with a golden strip for easy re-use.

Let’s all recycle more! We love our environment. During product development and material choice we take into account the environmental burden. The tin material is very sustainable. The material can be melted and remade into other products. The material of the tin is also sustainable for in and round the house. It’s ideal to reuse. Refill with tea or use for other purposes, for example washing powder or as a soap dish.